Aracnocóptero: Mills from drone view


El Correo Español - Drone view mills


Iberdrola uses the Aracnocóptero system to carry out the maintenance of 18 wind turbines at the Elgea wind farm.

This is how Iberdrola is carrying out these days the inspection of the blades of 18 of the 78 wind turbines that make up the Sierra de Elgea wind farm, located between Álava and Guipuzcoa. It does so through what is known as an aracnocopter, a drone developed by the technology company Arbórea Intellbird, which is responsible for collecting a wide variety of data useful for the maintenance of the structure.

With an ocular inspection it would be impossible to check the internal state of the blade, and what a few years ago was done by means of a telescope with integrated camera, the drones now do it.

This technology allows to detect internal damages such as breakage or lack of glueing at first sight and also generates a series of images thanks to which the detection of failures can be anticipated and the propellers can be ordered in a risk ranking.


Source: El Correo Español (Ed. Álava)

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