PN5G: 5G robot and drones

Substation and line inspection with robot and drones

Use case development


Orange, Arbórea Intellbird, Red Eléctrica de España and Elewit are developing a pilot with 5G technology with the aim of making the use of robots and drones available to users to inspect substations and lines.


In this pilot, the possibilities offered by real-time data communication through 5G broadband, in aircraft and robots, for the transmission of data that allow improving the management of critical industrial assets can be tested. The pilot is mainly focused on reducing the response time in accidents or serious situations and on sending information in an optimized and structured way, which facilitates predictive maintenance processes.


The aircraft used are kept under continuous remote monitoring in airspace, thanks to the 5G band.

Benefits of the use case


  • Less response time in critical situations
  • Greater security in critical infrastructures
  • Optimization and improvement of inspection and analysis processes



Infrastructure inspection can be carried out from remote locations through 5G, obtaining high-resolution images in real time.