Projects financed by ICE

Low-profile logistics intelligent germicidal robots

Project subsidized by ICE co-financed with FEDER funds with file number 14/21/SA/0001



Objective and purpose of the project


The purpose of the Low Profile Logistics Intelligent Germicidal Robots project has been to develop a line of automatic, robust and efficient germicidal tools capable of dry sanitizing all types of human environments, in order to keep the risks of transmission of Covid_19 and others under control. current or future pathogens in human environments, accessible from the point of view of logistics and cost.


The analysis, design and development of this germicidal tool has been focused on generating several lines of viable product development for industrialization as a dry sanitizing system in all types of human environments aimed at two areas of activity: the professional/industrial area and the domestic area.


In both areas, professional and domestic, it acts as a dry germicidal solution, without maintenance and at a low cost with great germicidal efficiency for automatic sanitization. In the professional area in professional spaces of various kinds and in the domestic area, it expands the cleaning functionalities of robotic vacuum cleaners for domestic use, completing them with a new germicidal capacity, compatible with cleaning functionalities, all safely in a domestic environment. , even with the presence of children or pets.


The extensive industrialization of this equipment allows it to be found in the market at a low price. For this reason, they have been considered an ideal robotic platform to support the concept of an intelligent germicidal autonomous robot with a low logistic profile, extensible at low cost.

Other projects


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