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Alentia invests 450,000 euros in Arbórea


Diciembre 23, 2015


The Salamanca company, which develops drones, will create between 5 and 10 jobs…

The ‘spider’ who supervises the mills


December 10, 2015


The company Arborea Intellbird develops a drone that radiographs the internal structure of the blades of wind turbines…

Drones for inspecting power lines


September 23, 2015


The ‘Aracnocóptero’ of the company Arbórea, located in the Scientific Park of the University of Salamanca, joins the fleet of Red Eléctrica de España…


Iberdrola increases wind power production in the region by 20%


June 13, 2015
El Norte De Castilla


Iberdrola has increased by 19.5% the generation of electricity in its wind farms in this autonomous community during the month of May…

The embassy of the United Arab Emirates visit the Science Park


May 08, 2015

Subsequently, in order to boost trade relations in the future, the retinue move to the Science Park of the University of Salamanca and visited Arbórea a company that design and manufacture Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems under Aracnocoptero trade mark…

Remotely piloted air systems, far beyond science fiction


April 2015
Caja Rural


The company of the month, Arbórea Intellbird, is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of “drones” with multiple professional applications…

Perseus: from demigod to lead I+D+i


March 18, 2015
El Mundo Castilla y León


The electricity company has invested 40 million euros in its program, with which it promotes technological initiatives such as the “Aracnocoptero” drone…


Design, create and teach to pilot the “Aracnocóptero”


February 09, 2015
El Norte De Castilla


This company was born in 2008 by Carlos Bernabeu as Arbórea and was refounded by him, Iberdrola and the CDTI in 2013 with his new name…

Cooperation agreement Arbórea-Caja Rural

Caja Rural

Caja Rural de Salamanca and Salamanca company Arborea Intellbird S.L. Developer of the system remotely manned Aracnocóptero, signed an agreement to apply this disruptive technology to improve the agriculture system in our region…

In view of ‘Aracnocóptero’


Perseo, the venture capital fund with which Iberdrola supports the new companies, has a budget of 70 million euros, of which after studying more than 800 proposals has already invested 40 million in eight companies…

The USAL Science Park hosts the training for drone pilots




In its facilities of the Scientific Park of the University of Salamanca, Arbórea regularly trains technicians of large international companies to pilot its platform in pioneering industrial applications…

Arbórea launches its renewed line for training and accreditation of SARP pilots


Castilla y León Económica

Arbórea Intellbird, Salamanca start-up participated by Iberdrola and the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), dedicated to the manufacture, training and operation with remotely piloted air systems…

The ‘Aracnocóptero’ is manufactured piece by piece in Salamanca


Salamanca al día RTV


The director of Arbórea, a company of the USAL Science Park, affirms that the primary sector has great potential to develop high technology…

Caja Rural will facilitate the arrival of the ‘Aracnocóptero’ to the Salamanca countryside



Caja Rural de Salamanca and the company Arbórea Intellbird, developer of the remotely manned ‘Aracnocóptero’ system, signed an agreement to apply this disruptive technology to the improvement of the field…

The ‘Aracnocóptero’, technology at the service of the field


Salamanca al día RTV


The novel remotely manned aerial system, developed by the salmantine company Arborrea Intellbird, is applicable to the improvement of agriculture and cattle…


Award for business success in the region


Norte de Castilla


The magazine Actualidad Económica delivered yesterday in Valladolid its Awards for Business Success in Castilla y León, Arbórea was awarded the prize for the most innovative company…

Revelation Prize Actualidad Económica


May 2014
Actualidad Económica Magazine


With one year of life, the company from Salamanca has managed to get Iberdrola into its capital thanks to the creation of the “Aracnocóptero”…

Aracnocóptero, the drone that watches over the wind turbines



Aracnocóptero is the drone shaped like a spider that allows you to keep an eye on the operation of wind turbines and ensures rapid intervention in case of failure…

BOE: Collaboration between the University of Salamanca and the Air force in UAV operator training


A specific covenant of collaboration has been published in the BOE (Official State Bulletin)…

Arbórea and Graphenea: First Investments made within the INNVIERTE program’s framework

Perspectiva CDTI

Arbórea and Graphenea are the first co-investments that have been made in technological companies related to energy and environment within the Innvierte program and have been led by Iberdrola and Repsol, respectively…

Interview at ‘Radio Nacional de España’


Radio Nacional de España

Iberdrola puts to the Test an Unmanned Helicopter for Wind Turbine Inspection


El Mundo


The aracnocóptero ‘Eol6’ will save inspection time and money/Investments from Arbórea, the Ministry, and the Electric Company…

Demonstration on the Aracnocóptero’s Wind Turbine Inspection Abilities


Agencia Iberoamericana para la difusión de la ciencia y la tecnología

Today, in the Salamanca-based Sierra Dueña Wind Park, the companies Iberdrola and Arbórea have presented its Aracnocóptero Eol6…

Iberdrola and Arbórea IntellBird present their ‘Aracnocóptero’ EOL6 for the review of wind turbines


Noticias Castilla y León

IBERDROLA and Arbórea Intellbird have presented in the wind farm of Sierra Dueña (Salamanca) their ‘Aracnocóptero’ Eol6, created to carry out inspection and maintenance of wind turbines, among other electrical installations…

Iberdrola presents a pioneer robot to check wind turbines


La Gaceta de Salamanca


The ‘Aracnocóptero’ has been designed and developed by a Salamanca company and saves time and costs in mill checks by reducing downtime…


A Drone that will save Time and Costs in Wind Turbine Inspection


El Norte de Castilla


Iberdrola and Arbórea spearhead a project which can detect damages of just millimetres…

An Aerial Inspector


El Diario de León


An Iberdrola wind park serves as the test grounds for an aircraft created by a Salamanca-based firm that saves costs and reduces the time required to inspect wind turbines…

Interview at ‘Onda Cero’


Onda Cero

An aircraft works on the wind turbines review


El Adelantado de Segovia


The initiative is the result of collaboration between Iberdrola and Arbórea…

Iberdrola will carry out a Flight Demonstration of Aracnocóptero


Tribuna de Salamanca

IBERDROLA, along with the Salamanca-based company Arbórea Intellbird, S.L, has prepared a flight demonstration of the Aracnocóptero Eol6 in the Sierra Dueña Wind Park, property of Iberdrola, for the 8th of April…

Wind and Renewable Energy: New Paradigm in Wind Turbine Blade Inspection

Wind and Electric Vehicle Magazine

These enormous wind turbine blades are structures that are subject to a lot of wear and tear…

The ‘Aracnocóptero’ among the news of the Aeolian fair




This breakthrough, shown at the Iberdrola stand, is one of the novelties presented at EWEA …

The “aracnocóptero”, made for wind turbine revision, lands in Barcelona


Inversión y Finanzas

The Salamanca-based firm Arbórea has demonstrated today in the EWEA’s Wind Energy Congress the operation of the so-called, “aracnocópteros”, unmanned aerial vehicles that are used in wind turbine revision…

Aracnocoptero and renewable energy




Its cameras and software—created ad hoc—make possible the efficient analysis of turbine repair needs and the reduction of the downtime necessary in order to make the repairs…

Spanish military pilots begin training with Arbórea Intellbird’s Aracnocóptero


Initiating collaboration between several different entities, the University of Salamanca and the Spanish Air Force signed an agreement directed specifically to enhance training with and education of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).


The Salamanca drone begins to be used to train military pilots


El Norte de Castilla

The recent signing of a specific training agreement between the University of Salamanca and the General Staff of the Air Force has allowed us to consolidate the collaboration between…


Iberdrola Innovation Report 2011-2013

Iberdrola is conscious of the importance of innovation in order to continue developing industrial products at the forefront of the sector. The efforts in R+D+i are aimed at optimizing operating conditions, improving safety…

Aracnocóptero, the Android that’s Revolutionising the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle World

Libre Startups

Today in LibreStartups, I bring you all something really special. I don’t normally write everything I’d like and when I do, I always manage to add something…

Visit from Japanese University Chancellors to Arbórea Intellbird, to meet the Aracnocóptero

Press Department

A group of Chancellors from several different Japanese Universities visited the Arbórea Intellbird firm to see…

Iberdrola and CDTI invest in the firm Arbórea Intellbird



Iberdrola and the Centre for Technological Development in Industry, a branch of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness have agreed to invest €500,000 in the Salamanca-based firm, Arbórea Intellbird, specialized in unmanned aerial vehicles…


Agreement between the Air Force and the University of Salamanca




The Ministry of Defense, through the Army of the Air, and the University of Salamanca have signed a collaboration agreement…

Representatives from Enusa and Arbórea meet to analyse Collaboration Possibilities



Representatives from Enusa Industrias Avanzadas, S.A. and the Salamanca-based firm Arbórea met in the Juzbado factory this morning…

Mineco and Iberdrola will invest 500,000 euros


Both the electricity company, through its Perseus Fund, and the CDTI, within the Investing Program, will become part of the capital of this company…

Mineco and Iberdrola will invest 500,000 euros in the Salamanca company Arbórea Intellbird

La Vanguardia

The Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (Mineco) and Iberdrola will invest 500,000 euros in the Salamanca-based technology company Arbórea Intellbird…



This investment in technology is being made under the auspices of the INNVIERTE scheme. It highlights the commitment of IBERDROLA and the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI)


Joint press release

This technological investment is part of the INNVIERTE program and highlights the commitment of IBERDROLA and the CDTI to promote innovative projects that promote a change in the productive model to achieve a more sustainable society…

Interview at Cadena SER

05/05/2013 from 12 to 13 hours
With Diego Merayo

In the Cadena SER program on May 5, 2013, Carlos Bernabéu from the Arborea company was interviewed on the occasion of his unmanned ship, the ‘Aracnocóptero’…

First Aerial Wind Turbine Blade Inspection Course a Success

Many webs reported on this

The students of the First Aerial Wind Turbine Blade Inspection Course, which took place last February in the University of Salamanca’s Research Park…


Visit of the Vice Chancellor for Research of the University of Salamanca to GRUEMA



On March 22, the Vice-Chancellor for Research visited the Matacán School Group (GRUEMA)…

The first blade inspection course with wind turbines is successfully completed

Villamayor town hall

The first promotion of the course, in which engineers from companies operating in the international operation have participated, such as the Danish LMWindpower, Altertec, Enerpal, Comantur or CENER…

The ‘Aracnocóptero’ will review wind farms worldwide

Unmanned Aerial Systems

The new aircraft allows this inspection to be carried out much cheaper and also more efficiently, since the appropriate software and hardware has been created for it…

The ‘Aracnocóptero’ begins to perform wind turbine inspections worldwide

DiCYT News Agency

This spring will begin to perform inspections of wind turbine blades around the world…

The “Aracnocóptero” begins to perform wind turbine inspections worldwide

Studii Salamantini

This small aircraft of the company Arbórea has managed to get the attention of the international wind sector. Recently, it has photographed…

The ‘Aracnocóptero’ starts inspecting Wind Turbines around the World

Agencia Iberoamericana para la difusión de la ciencia y la tecnología

Due to research out of the University of Salamanca, investment, and the efforts of this entrepreneurial company, the ‘aracnocóptero’ has become model of what exactly can be accomplished…

‘Aracnocóptero’, an aircraft designed to inspect wind turbines


January 2013


This robotic ship has been adapted to the requirements of companies that manage wind farms for use in the inspection of wind turbine blades…


Examples of how to Launch Businesses and Where to Find Support


El Norte de Castilla


The Start-up Programme’s Breakfasts analyse the possibilities and options offered by Castile and León to put into action new entrepreneurial businesses…

Novel and efficient solution for wind turbine blade inspection

November/December 2012

After developing an unmanned aerial vehicle named the ‘aracnocóptero’, the Arbórea firm has adapted the device to the needs of wind energy companies for wind turbine blade inspection. The device, made of titanium and carbon…

Visit of the company Arbórea to the UAS School

November 2012
Air Force website

The UAS School (Unmanned Aerial Systems) hosted the visit of Carlos Bernabéu, founder of the Arbórea company adhered to the Science Park of the University of Salamanca…

Outstanding participation of a Salamanca company in the most important international fair of the wind sector

October-December 2012

The Arbórea company of the Scientific Park of the University of Salamanca has presented its ‘Aracnocóptero’…

Magazine Between Neighbors

October 2012
Cepsa Magazine, between residents of the Gibraltar countryside

I confess that every day that passes I miss more of some scientific culture. The last thing has been the history of the ‘Aracnocóptero’…

The Salamanca-based company, Arbórea, designs a remotely-controlled aircraft with some of the most unique advantages in the world

October, 2012
Castilla y León Económica

The aracnocóptero can be used for civil and military purposes.

Arbórea develops a UAV for wind blades inspection

Información Económica Sectorial

The Salamanca company Arbórea has presented an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for the inspection of wind blades.

Report for the program “Hora Sur”


Canal Sur Radio

The director of the company Arbórea, Carlos Bernabéu, is interviewed by the “Hora Sur” program of Canal Sur Radio.

Latest coverage from Husum WindEnergy

WindPower Monthly

Altertec Renovables, a Spanish company, is demonstrating its brand new toy – the aerial Aracnocoptero. Remote controlled helicopter that flys up alongside the blade and captures…

The Aracnocóptero, Built for Wind Turbine Inspection, at the Most Important Wind Energy Conference

Wind and Electric Vehicle Magazine

Environmentally responsible businesses like terrestrial and maritime wind farms are very interested in the aircraft designed in Salamanca…

They design a aircraft to check the blades


After developing an UAV called «Aracnocóptero», the company Arbórea, located in the Science Park of the University of Salamanca, has adapted this device to the needs of companies…

Aracnocóptero: an aircraft designed to inspect wind turbines

La Opinión de Zamora

The adaptation of the ‘Aracnocóptero’ of the company Arbórea to the needs of the wind sector saves costs in the review of the mills.

The ‘Aracnocóptero’ inspects blades in wind farms


The company Arbórea, of the Science Park of the University of Salamanca, after four years of intense I+D activity, has created the first model of the ‘Aracnocóptero’.

Report for the program “La ventana de Castilla y León”

Cadena Ser

The director of the company Arbórea, Carlos Bernabéu, is interviewed by the program “La Ventana de Castilla y León”.

“Aracnocóptero”: the eight-legged aircraft and Spanish manufacturing


The University of Salamanca and the company Arbórea have developed the ‘Aracnocóptero’, a device that allows flight without a pilot.

The ‘Aracnocóptero’ Conquers the Sky

Muy interesante Magazine

Investigators at the University of Salamanca and the company Arbórea have developed the ‘Aracnocóptero’, a device in the shape of a spider that allows for unpiloted flight; it is equipped with cameras and sensors…

Pirates Intercepted Before Attacking


El Mundo


Its appearance, in person, is intimidating and does justice to its name: the aracnocóptero. The toughness of a spider that could fly, whose webs extend over the sea. Its objective: prevent pirate boarding, which can unfold at a dizzying speed…

The radio program “Ciencia al cubo” of RTVE makes a monograph of the Aracnocóptero


The director of the company Arbórea, Carlos Bernabéu, is interviewed.