Arborea Intellbird: Innovation, pioneering and development in a unique space



Arbórea Intellbird technicians develop the first autonomous drones and robots capable of operating under 5G and simultaneous satellite support.

The transformation of the global energy model requires innovation to make the growing renewable energy infrastructures efficient. That is the mission of the predominantly female team at Arbórea Intellbird, the company from Salamanca that has been operating globally for twelve years with its drones and autonomous robots, together with software platforms, -all of it its own technology- supported by almost thirty patents and patents. utility.

Its continuous innovation has implemented its digital inspection models with a predictive nature as a standard in the wind sector in which the blade fleet of Iberdrola and other large international companies are managed, in the form of millimeter-precision digital twins.

Arbórea is a benchmark in collaboration with the Armed Forces, the State Aviation Safety Agency or public innovation agencies. Awarded for its job security with no accidents in its entire history, it generates autonomous robotic solutions under fast satellite and 5G communications, which are added to its historical Aracnocóptero, widely evolved. From Portugal to Japan, from Chile to Mexico, they are one of the oldest ambassadors of the Science Park of the University of Salamanca.


Source: The Salamanca Gazette