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Drone view mills


August 22, 2019
El Correo Español (Ed. Álava)


Iberdrola uses the Aracnocóptero system to carry out the maintenance of 18 wind turbines at the Elgea wind farm.

Arbórea Intellbird participates in the WindEurope 2019


April 05, 2019
Science Park (Univ. Salamanca)


The European wind industry meets in Bilbao, one of the innovation hubs of the sector.

Toy, instrument and weapon


March 03, 2019
La Gaceta de Salamanca


They control borders and forest fires, look for lost people, carry out archeological investigations and even parade flying over fashion runways. Drones can be a fun toy and a useful instrument.

Salamanca drones in Mexico


February 24, 2019
El Norte de Castilla (Ed. Salamanca)


The ‘Arachnocopters’ of Arbórea meet 10 years with new challenges ahead.


We are committed to the use of drones in wind farm inspection


November 06, 2018


This technology allows to detect structural incidents in wind turbine blades and serves as a guide for its correct maintenance, saving considerable costs and increasing safety.

If a plane is capable of flying more than 80 years, what can you expect from a wind turbine?


October 09, 2018
Renewable energy


More than 200 attendees at the AEE Conference on extension of life of wind farms.


Siemens, Gamesa, Aeroblade, Arachnocopter and EDPR will analyze the increase in production of existing parks with low-cost solutions in the EEE Conference on Life Extension


September 14, 2018
Wind Business Association

Drones backed by iberdrola helping slash the cost of green power


July 13, 2018


Drones across Spain are spotting dodgy solar panels and wind turbines. Spain’s biggest utility backs startup to survey wind farms. Investments are more to understand technology than for profit.

Synergy between technologies


June 26, 2018
El Mundo (Diario de Castilla y León) – Innovators


Arborea Intellbird is a pioneer company in the digitalization of inspections of wind turbines or power lines. It works on projects in Spain, Mexico and Japan.


Iberdrola and Arbórea Intellbird promote a new model of digital inspection of power lines in Salamanca


May 23, 2018 (Europa Press)

They have presented at the Sierra de Dueña wind farm, located in Salamanca, their new technological development focused on improving the inspection models of power lines.

Arbórea in the Association for the Progress of Management (APD)


March 23, 2018


In the last day of the Association for the progress of the direction (APD) Carlos Bernabéu, general director of Arbórea, exposed the keys of the past, present and future of the drones in the digital era.

Drones for wind farm maintenance


March 14, 2018
Retina Magazine (El País)


The capital importance of wind power means that innovations in its maintenance play an essential role in order not to lose the efficiency of wind turbines. With this objective in mind, Iberdrola is committed to drones.

Arbórea Intellbird sponsors one more year CIVILDRON


January 26, 2018

Arbórea Intellbird sponsors one more year CIVILDRON, the reference meeting in civil applications of drones.

The most versatile multi-rotor on the market


January 26, 2018

The company Arborea Intellbird, manufacturer and operator of RPAS, has presented its Aracnocoptero as the most versatile multirotor for being able to adapt its propellers to every circumstance. The company participated again this year in Civildron.

Arbórea and Iberdrola present their innovations in industrial inspection with drones


May 20, 2017
El Norte de Castilla


The use of this technology allows to evaluate “in minutes” the state of the blades of the generators and thus extend its useful life.


Iberdrola closed 2016 with an economic impact of 580 million euros in CyL


March 31, 2017

It will focus its efforts this year on the development of the smart grid and the strengthening of its distribution infrastructures.

“Aracnocóptero”: Deep inspection of wind turbine blades


March 10, 2017
Avion Revue Magazine


Wind turbine blades are sophisticated design elements that present complex curvatures. Based on multilayer structures of variable thickness.

Arbórea Intellbird in the program Hoy por Hoy (Cadena Ser)


February 24, 2017
Cadena Ser

Iberdrola bets on startups for drones and energy storage


January 02, 2017
El Mundo


The Spanish company allocates 70 million to its venture capital fund, Perseo, to collaborate with companies that guarantee electrical sustainability.

Predictive wind maintenance based on drones. The importance of correct data processing.


June 2016
FuturEnergy Magazine

The maintenance of wind turbine blades is an essential practice to ensure its correct operation throughout its useful life.

This is the disembarkation of the Villalcampo dam from a drone view


May 27, 2016

The impressive images of the Zamora dam of Villalcampo have been made with the Aracnocóptero de Arbórea Intelbird S.L, an ally of Iberdrola in the development of new technologies for the review and maintenance of its electric wind turbines, among others.

Iberdrola and I+D+i, a pact with the future


May 06, 2016
La Gaceta de Salamanca


The company is constantly committed to new technologies to the point that in 2015 it invested 200 million euros in research and development.


Exponential Medicine Forum: Drones and Biomedicine


May 06, 2016


Scientists address how technology is transforming medicine in the Innovation Forum organized by the Pfizer Foundation and the Ramón Areces Foundation.

Iberdrola, commitment to society and universities


April 25, 2016
Tribuna Universitaria


The Company promotes different initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of the most disadvantaged through the support of thirty social projects. Bet on I+D+i.

This is how Spanish companies use drones


February 03, 2016
Expasión – Economía Digital


Construction companies, energy companies, oil companies… More and more sectors are betting on incorporating these aircraft into their activity.