Technical conference on strategies, opportunities and advances about UAS, organized by CDTI and AESA



Intense technical conference on opportunities, strategies and advances about UAS, organized by CDTI and AESA with massive participation of the sector.

At the round table, Carlos Bernabéu, CEO of Arbórea Intellbird and advisor to the AESA Drones Center of Excellence, highlighted the importance of changing the traditional perception of aviation, by transferring it to the remotely manned sector.

The diversity of this environment, already purely digital, requires new approaches in terms of its strategies and opportunities to adapt to the transversal technological axes that make up the products with potential in a growing market and in continuous transformation.

The representative of Arbórea made proposals focused on consolidating a solid national productive fabric. He highlighted the areas of opportunity that are included in the recently published by AESA White Paper on R & D of drones in Spain, to reach very specific niches that are emerging and in which our country can stand out due to its characteristics and existing talent.

In his speech, he highlighted the role of small companies, the spearhead in technological progress in the sector, which currently generate, with their own means, the largest number of qualified jobs, intellectual property and R + D + i more specialized. He noted the low ratios that exist in Spain between investments in public R&D structures and the deficit in the generation of patents in this sector over the last decade. He insisted on the importance of accelerating short-distance-to-market processes, in the face of investments that may not be strategic. For this, small companies are valuable as generators of specialized and differentiated products for the global market, with a low cost in the investment / results ratio and greater agility in an environment of opportunity that evolves at dizzying speed.

Carlos Bernabéu proposed reviewing the public efforts strategy, putting these small specialized technology companies at the center of growth. For this, he highlighted the importance of not penalizing those specialized companies that do not require the hiring of external R&D services from public structures in terms of aid, since they are capable of generating cutting-edge technology and associated intellectual property. Currently, the projects of these companies receive less score or aid intensities in many lines of R&D financing than those that hire public R&D structures.

The director of Arbórea also mentioned CDTI’s INNVIERTE investment program, referring to it as a proven high-value tool capable of accelerating, with modest investments, large numbers of small strategic companies and called for its intensification and improvement for this sector.
Finally, he highlighted the importance of consolidating collaboration between public research structures, companies and various value agents at the national level, to create an efficient network that provides solidity and growth capacity, overcoming any type of territorial polarization.


Source: Arborea Intellbird