Inspection procedure

inspection procedure

The hardware and software used for the inspection of the blades of wind turbines combine to enable the most accurate analysis procedure currently available.

The Aracnocóptero captures data from the blade assembly, including the most critical areas, such as the leading edge, detecting, measuring and positioning hidden structural defects. Subsequently, the integrated software generates a high-resolution full-scale mapping with a multispectral pattern, allowing early diagnosis of problems with high accuracy, facilitating a thorough audit of the blade and a calculation of its degree of aging and life expectancy.

custom hardware and software

In addition, Arbórea offers its WebBlade® software to the client, which allows the preservation and sharing of high-resolution mapping of their blades in RGB/IR spectrum, visualizing defects categorized, modifying them or adding others, and automatically generating reports for maintenance. These reports facilitate height repair in early stages of complex pathologies, drastically reducing major correctives and contributing positively to the life span of the blades.

final report

The final report, made by expert wind engineers, which includes diagnosis and defect positioning, is delivered ready to be incorporated into the company’s database, generating a valuable history of the blade.